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So…what are the Griswold’s up to? January 11, 2011

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Ok.  Let’s do a quick re-cap of our first year and a half of marriage:

1. We moved to Austin from Cleveland

2. I started graduate school at UT

3. We bought a house

4. We bought a puppy

4. I graduated from graduate school at UT

5. I started a new job at Dell Children’s Medical Center

Now, if that doesn’t make you say “dang” this might.  Our second year of marriage has already been an adventure.  The biggest part of it is that we have decided to become foster parents.  Yep.  Before we have our own kids, we are going to take in someone elses.  The Lord has brought us to this point in His perfect timing, and we definitely feel that this is where we are supposed to be.  We are finishing up our last couple of training classes this month, then a home study and a little paper work are all that stand in our way.  Crazy!!  I can’t even believe that I could be a mom in just a few short months.  That’s a feeling I’ll talk about later, but whoa.  We are in the “foster to adopt” program, meaning that we go into this willing to adopt the children who are placed with us should their parents rights be taken away.

So, please pray for us as we prepare our home and our hearts for children to come into our lives.  Pray the Lord will guide us, get us through hard time, help rejoice in good ones, and grow us closer to each other and our Lord through this experience.  I’m sure you will be hearing more about this in other posts, but this is what we are up to!!


One Response to “So…what are the Griswold’s up to?”

  1. Helen Parker Says:

    Wow! That’s amazing news! In the short time we got to know you guys, it was clear that you have such amazing hearts and generous spirits… you’ll make wonderful parents even though there’ll be crazy times ahead… but hey you guys do crazy really well! much love to you as you take on this next part of your adventure! x

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