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Merry Christmas, Jeff! January 30, 2011

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As you know, Jeff and I had the first round of interviews for our home study on Saturday.  It was really great!  Katie, the caseworker, is super sweet and made us feel very comfortable, despite the pretty intense questions she was asking us.  The Lord was faithful to help us feel calm, answer honestly, and even have answers for questions we never even thought about.  The  next set of interviews will be on Tuesday and then we should be good to go!

After our interviews, it was time for our date night to celebrate Christmas!  For Christmas, I got Jeff tickets to see a Led Zeppelin cover band called Led Zeppelin 2.  Now, if you know me and my taste in music, you know that this was pretty sacrificial on my part.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I recognize the talent of Robert Plant and the awesomeness that they exude at their style of music.  But, generally, I do not enjoy getting screamed at.  Soooo….not really my cup of tea.  But I found out about this group and watched some YouTube videos and man are they legit. 

We started our night with a fantastic dinner at probably my favorite restaurant in Austin, The Hula Hut.  It is a Tex-Mex, Polynesian fusion restaurant that has a fantastic atmosphere and great food!  We even got dessert.  Check this baby out!

That Fried Ice Cream was freakishly good!  Here we are heading out of Hula Hut and on our way to La Zona Rosa for some Zeppelin!

After dinner, we headed to the concert.  If you are wondering what kind of people go to a Led Zeppelin cover band concert, the answer is this.  First, you have the typical young Austinites who are just out to listen to some music and have some fun.  They are probably still in college, and enjoy a good show.  Then, you have the crowd that are me and Jeff’s age who grew up listening to Metallica, dress a little grungy, have pony tails and wear flannel shirts over their T-shirts.  Oh, and they really like to shake their heads to the music.  Ok, and then there were my favorite group of people to watch at the concert.  These were the men and women of the 70s.  They had probably gone to a real Zeppelin show back in the day and they were so fun to watch.  Dressed in their rockin’ gear, Hook ’em signs in the air (ok, so I know it’s a rock ‘n roll sign, but whatever) and definitely had the most fun I think.  These folks knew all the words to the songs, danced like crazy people, and generally had a great time.  I’m not sure where me and Jeff fit in, but we had so much fun!  Jeff is a huge Zeppelin fan and can sing all the lyrics and even he said that this group was good.  Here are a few pics.

And, if you are curious, here is a video of the band:


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