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a weekend with the Griswolds and happy birthday Roger! February 23, 2011

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This past weekend we had a wonderful time with Momma and Papa G.  Here are a couple highlights!

First, I want to tell you that while they were here, we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend, Roger.  We met Roger last year not long after we moved to Austin, and he quickly became one of our best friends in Austin.  His excitement for life, since of humor, and love of his (and our) savior Jesus Christ is contageous.  You absolutely can’t be around him without laughing!  This is a man that the Lord is using in many lives here in Austin and across the state.  When I say he loves Jesus, I mean he is crazy about him.  He is the LOUDEST singer at Austin Stone Community Church.  He worships his King without abandon, with joy, admoration, and an infectious dedication.  He is an inspiration.  Here are a few pictures of our birthday get together for him.  We ate A LOT, and even played Wii tennis!

The other highlight of the weekend was seeing Momma and Papa G cross the finish line of the Austin Half Marathon!  Yep,  half marathon.  Several months ago, they decided to walk the half marathon and have been training while in Connecticut and South Carolina.  They were stinkin’ rock stars.  I’m not kidding.  I saw a whole new side of Momma G – the competitive side!  Those two crossed the finish line in 3 hours 34 minutes, beating their planned time!  Here are a couple of pictures from the race!


Great Give Away! February 17, 2011

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Hi everyone!  Remember that awesome give away from Pitter Patter Art a few weeks ago?  Well, she is doing another one and you WANT this item!!

Go on over to and enter!


Austin Snow Day February 14, 2011

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I have been slacking a little bit on blogging lately, so this one is kind of old.  But, as some of you know, Austin had a snow day recently.  Now, I do realize I’m a Texan, born and raised in the Lone Star State.  So, this should be exciting, right?  The thing is, though, that I transplanted to Cleveland, Ohio for 4 ridiculously snowy winters that looked like this:

so, you’ll forgive me if the “snow” that looked like this was sort of just a laugh and an excuse to stay home from work:

I do understand that the ice was the main issue.  See, down here, we don’t have the necessary equipment to deal with ice.  Plus, Texans driving on ice = bad.  But, Jeff is pretty sure that in Austin they just try and make as big of a panic as possible so people think they need to stay home.  Because by 10am that morning, all of this was gone and the sun was shining.  =)  I still took the day off anyway and stayed in my pajamas for the entire glorious day.  Yay Texas!

Oh, and just for fun, here are the 2 cutest dogs around.


I’m expecting…but I’m not pregnant! February 7, 2011

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With our licensing date quickly approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot. I mentioned before some of the fears I’ve had about becoming a foster parent. But, these thoughts are kind of different.

People keep asking me if I’m getting excited. This is a difficult question for me to answer. I mean, yes!! I’m totally excited about bringing in a little one into our house, but I don’t think it’s the same excitement I might be feeling if I had been carrying a child inside my belly for the past 9 months. I mean, we don’t have a themed nursery, decked out in pink our blue with the child’s name already hanging on the wall. We don’t even know how old the child will be! We don’t have car seats or strollers sitting in unopened boxes from our baby showers. I haven’t read a million pregnancy books, and I’m only just starting my first parenting book! AHH! I’m so behind! We don’t know the sex. We don’t know if it’ll be 1 or 2. We don’t know so many things that it’s been hard for me to anticipate anything. And if you know me, you know that’s extremely hard.

The thing is, I desperately want those things for my child. But why? Does the child care if the room is painted? Or if it is “boy” or “girl” themed? Does the child know that we scrambled around at the last minute buying the right sized car seats and strollers? No. The child needs the love of Jesus. The child needs touch, care, food, shelter, hugs, kisses, prayers, and did I mention love?

It’s hard to answer questions like “are you excited?” and “what do you think it’ll be like” and even “what do you need from me?” I just don’t know. The Lord is calling me to live by faith and not sight (or feeling). I do expect major growth through this. I know that God will grow me in the trials and triumphs we experience as parents, and I expect that my family grows too. God is mighty. He is powerful. He is big. He knows the sex, age, ethnicity, and number of children that will be brought to this house. The Creator of this world knows the details of my life. That is powerful, friends. Powerful.

So, while I prepare my house as best I can for the unknown, the Lord will prepare my heart for what He already knows. I rest in that tonight.


Home Study Complete! February 3, 2011

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The home study is done!!  About 6 hours of interviewing later and we are finished!  Let me tell you, some of those questions were invasive!  wow!  but, our case worker is super sweet and made us feel as comfortable as possible.  She let us know that her goal is to have all of our paperwork finished by the 15th of the month.  Yep, in less than 2 weeks, we will be licensed foster parents and anticipating the arrival of our first little ones!!  Crazy!

Thank you all for your prayers and support as we have been pursuing this.  It means more than you could know.  I’ll post again with updates on our status.  =)