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waiting…take 2 March 9, 2011

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Ok.  The more I thought on it and prayed about it last night, the more ridiculous my waiting rant became.  Here are some of my rambling thoughts.

First of all, waiting a week for a child is nothing compared to those families who have been waiting years to conceive or years to bring home their adopted baby who is currently living half way around the world.  Yes, foster care is very different than either of those things, but still.  Thinking about that turned my heart around pretty quickly and I am prayerful for those families.

You know what else hit me?  The Lord reminded me last night of the Christian responsibility for caring for the orphan.  He reminded me that I should rejoice that each of those other 2 children have a home to stay in now.  He reminded me that my desire, above all else, should be for every single one of His children to be taken care of.  By somebody.  This means that I should be anxiously awaiting and anticipating a time when there are more families waiting than there are children to take in.  What a wonderful thought that is!  We believers, the body of Christ, should be praying for that day to come!!  And we should also know that day will come.  If not now, then when we are all home with Him.

Also, how much worse is it for the child who is waiting?  I mean, here I am waiting around for a phone call in the comfort of my home with my 2 crazy dogs in a nice neighborhood in Austin.  There are children out there, about 163 million of them, that are waiting for a home to sleep in tonight.  They are waiting in their room, hoping their father doesn’t come home drunk and hurt them.  They are waiting in a group home here in Texas, hoping someone will go on a website, find them, and choose them to be theirs.  They are waiting in orphanages around the globe that are dirty, smelly, and filled with human feces.  They are waiting on the streets, begging for food and water, and hoping someone leaves some leftovers in the trash.  They are waiting with their slave owner who is loaning them out to men to earn money.  They are waiting.  Their waiting is aweful.  Mine is not.

Thank you Jesus for teaching me.


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