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My Boys April 2, 2011

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Forgive me for such a short initial post after placement.  But, my boys are here!!  Our 2 sweet boys arrived today, a 6 month old and an 18 month old.  They are beautiful.  Seriously.  Cutest kids ever.  =)

My head is spinning.  I’m sitting here and there are 2 babies asleep in my house!  What?!  Big Dude and Little Man is what I’ll call them on here since I can’t tell you their names.  Oh, and sorry.  No pictures either.  You’ll just have to come see them!!

I will let you know more how things are going soon.  For now, Jeff and I are off work for the next week to just spend time with them and help them transition into our home.  We will be also just trying to figure out a new routine!  Man, kids are a lot of work!  =)

I’m exhausted after day number 1 and just might go to bed at 9.  Wait.  Tha’ts pretty typical.  But, now I have a good excuse!


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