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MIL of the year!! June 10, 2011

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This week has been so full.  Full of baby snot, sleepless nights, and tears.  But also full of love from Nene.  And full of more relaxing moments for Momma Cara.

Jeff left last Sunday for Cleveland for a business trip.  My sweet mother-in-law, better known as Nene, graciously agreed to come spend the week with me to help out with the boys.  I think she has NO idea what a help and blessing she has been this week.  I know my mom would have come down if she wasn’t having her gall bladder out (yikes), but Nene is a close comparison to having your own mom around.

She has been loving on these boys like no other, helping keep the house clean, doing laundry, listening to me jabber her ear off after the boys go to bed (I think I crave adult conversation), and generally just being a sweet presence and help to me this week.  I’m dead serious when I say I have the best in-law family ever.  So many mommies would dread having their mother-in-law come stay with them for a week.  Not this mommy.  As far as I’m concerned, she can stay any time she wants.  I love her so much and am so thankful for her kindness and selflessness this week.  I think she definitely wins mother-in-law of the year!  And Nene of the year too!


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