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Kid free birthday-versary June 21, 2011

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This past weekend, Jeff and I finally got a chance to get away. We’ve had the boys for 11 weeks and it has been wonderful. And tiring. Thanks to our wonderful friends, Matt and Catie, we were able to get away for a weekend to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. Matt and Catie stayed with the boys all weekend (they are certified babysitters!) and we headed off to San Antonio!

Jeff booked the hotel and didn’t tell me anything about it. When we arrived, I was so excited! We were staying right on the river walk, walking distance to everything! Here is what it looked like:

We had a great first night, and when we woke up, we hit the town! We spent some time at the pool and then went and grabbed some lunch before going to see The Alamo. This is a key part of Texas history and, apparently, the most visited tourist attraction in Texas. It had been many years since either of us had seen it so it was cool to go through it. It was so hot we decided to also go to the IMAX and see the Alamo movie. After being reminded of the story of The Alamo, we had a renewed since of Texas pride! And, let’s be honest. You aren’t a Texan without that pride! Here’s a shot of the Alamo:

Saturday night, we got dressed up and went out for a nice dinner. It was so great to be able to just spend a weekend with my love, only focus on us, and rest! It was a perfect weekend and just what we needed to feel rejuvenated. I love that man so much, and now realize how much I cherish our alone time!

Thank you Matt and Catie for hanging’ with the boys, and thank you to my sweet husband for an awesome kid free birthday-versary weekend!!


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