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Freedom in Sacrifice June 29, 2011

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My life is about to change.  Again.  And it’s because the Lord has called me to sacrifice something.  But, as my good friend Shawnda told me, there is freedom in sacrifice.  Let me explain. (this is going to be long, but worth it.  I promise!)

Jeff and I have had the boys for almost 3 months now.  My how they have changed and grown!  After about 2 months we realized that something needed to change.  See, we knew that our foster care/adoption journey was going to take sacrifice, but what we didn’t realize was that we had been already sacrificing things that needed to stay in tact.  These things included our marriage, our community, and, well, our sanity.  It turns out that sacrificing those things is no bueno.  Trust me.  So, Jeff and I began to talk about what we could do to figure a way to spend time together, keep our community strong, and be foster parents to these 2 sweet boys.  Foster care brought with it no only parenting, but CPS, lawyers, court dates, therapy sessions, and 2 visits a week with a biological mommy.  So….the discussion of my work situation began.

When I first began to think about quitting my job, it was really hard.  The Lord revealed to me that I was holding onto my position as an idol, holding it above my calling to be Jesus to some kids who need Him.  That was the first step.  God broke me and I lifted my job up to Him saying, “if this has to go, I’m willing to let it.”  But, we still weren’t certain if that’s what we should do.  We went round and round in circles trying to figure out if me leaving my job was a good idea or not.  In the mean time, my dear friend, Jenn, kept coming to my mind.  And that’s when the story get’s good.

Jenn has been trying to get a job in Texas for several months.  She lives in New York.  She wants to be close to her family and has been seeking several opportunities that have not worked out.  I was just thinking, “oh Cara.  stop that.  you aren’t meant to give her a job!  That’s God’s job!”  Keep that in mind as the story continues…

In the mean time, Jeff and I are at our wits end, knowing that we have got to come up with a solution.  After several weeks of prayer, we came to the conclusion that it is best for our family if I resign from my dream job at Dell.  Did you hear that?  My DREAM job.  Seriously, this is the job I’ve wanted since undergraduate school.  But, the Lord was calling me to sacrifice my dream for His dream.  And it was clear that I needed to be obedient.  So, I called my friend.  I asked if she’d be interested in the position so I could recommend her to my boss.  Of course, she was interested and I made the recommendation.  My boss immediately wanted to set up an interview.  So I called Jenn to see if she could come to Texas any time soon.  It turned out that her family was planning a get together for July, but she “accidentally”  bought tickets for June.  What?!  She could be here in 2 weeks.  Incredible.  So, she came, interviewed, accepted the position, and is moving here in a month.  If that’s not the Lord confirming our decision, I don’t know what it is.  AMAZING!!

So, Friday will be my last day.  I am sad, but I am thankful.  The Lord showed me that sacrifice is going to give me the freedom to love my boys.  It is going to free Jenn from the anxiety of a job hunt.  It is going to free me and Jeff from wondering what we should do.  It is going to free me to serve in ways I can’t even think of yet.  I it is going to give us all the freedom to worship a Great God who is clearly in control, and loves even the small details of our lives.  He loves us.  He has shown me in such a tangible way that I am free to believe we’ve made the best decision for our family.  It was meant to be this way.

What a Mighty God we serve!


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  1. Jenn Says:

    Yes it was. I love you friend

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