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Colorado – Day 1 October 5, 2011

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Well, in case you didn’t already know, I have the best husband ever. He surprised me with a long weekend trip to Denver, Colorado! We decided we needed to take a trip to reconnect, relax, and regroup after the boys left. I knew we were going somewhere…but Denver was a big surprise. Yay!

So, we arrived on a Friday night, so day 1 officially began on Saturday. Saturday we went to the zoo! Denver has a really neat zoo so we decided to go first thing in the morning. Here are some pictures:


After we went to the zoo, we headed to a famous candy factory called Hammond’s.  This place was seriously amazing.  They hand-make all of their candy using the same equipment they’ve had since the early 1900s.  We got to watch them pulling and twisting candy canes.  They even hand-wrap them and package them.  Everything is by hand.  So neat!  We enjoyed our time there, can you tell?


2 Responses to “Colorado – Day 1”

  1. My daughter lives in the foothills just west of Denver. She loves it. They go to Red Rocks Park a lot.

  2. maria Says:

    Cara, I love your story… thanks for sharing!!!! By the way the pictures are gorgeous. You need to frame them.

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