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Colorado – Day 3 October 5, 2011

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On our last full day in Colorado, we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never been somewhere so beautiful.  When we got there, we were greeted bya group of Elk!  Check these guys out! 


We hiked a couple of trails, a little over 5 miles.  Now, that doesn’t sound so hard, but holy cow.  The thin air from being so high up, plus the uphill climbs meant we were pooped!  After getting back to the car, we decided to drive a scenic road that goes up and around the mountain.  The views were spectaculiar.  I didn’t even mind the car sickness that all those windy rodes caused!

Here are some pictures from that last full day on vacation.  The trip was just what we needed to relax and regroup.










One Response to “Colorado – Day 3”

  1. Christian Shanley Says:

    Cara! How wonderful itis that you made it up to Colorado. We live about 45 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park! What a wonderful time of year it is to be up there. So glad yall saw some elk 🙂

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