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I miss them October 21, 2011

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Today I miss my boys.  It’s been a month since they left and I feel like it’s been so much longer.  I miss waking up to their chatter.  I miss having someone to talk to all day.  Even if it is talking about colors, shapes, poop, and uh ohs.  I miss being a mommy.

The thing is, I still feel like a mom.  I just feel like a mom without kids.  It’s so weird.  We’ve had a couple opportunities come up where it seemed like we would get some more kids and those just fell through.  I’m so disappointed.  I want some sweet faces to fill that room upstairs.  I want to hear little voices again, and I want to be a part of God’s fight for the fatherless.  And I hate waiting. 

Remember when this all started and I was all complainy (yes I just made up a word) about waiting?  Well, now it feels different.  I’ve had a taste of what this is and I just can’t wait to do it again.  Even though this has been really hard, I would do it and will do it all over again.  Because God told us to.  And because it’s what I was made to do.  The Lord has shown up over and over in this journey, and I know He will show up again.

Today I miss the boys.  And today I trust the Lord.


2 Responses to “I miss them”

  1. Janice Herod Says:

    I can tell you from experience, you will NEVER missing them, especially the first ones, all will be special, but the first ones are extra so. I am so fortunate, our first were twins, they are now men and fathers, but we continue to keep in touch, their children are my grandchildren.

  2. Kelly Davis Says:

    They will always be our grandboys!

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