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Seriously? Crazy new family update! October 28, 2011

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So, wow.  I really have about 3 blogs to write but I’m gonna pile ’em all up in this one.  Remember that last “I miss them” post?  How I said I wanted more kids?  Well, literally, about 15 minutes after I posted that, I got a call.  Here’s how it happened:

After posting my blog, I texted our agency and asked them to put us back on the emergency placement list.  We weren’t on it because we were waiting to hear about some other kiddos.  So, they said sure.  5 minutes later they called.  They told me about 3 girl.  3!?  oh my.  I listened as they explained told me their story, how they wanted a family that would be willing to take all of them, how they wanted a family who would adopt all of them if it came to that, and how one of them was 6.  Six?  How in the world can I be the mom of a kindergartner?  Did I mention that Jeff was in Cleveland about to fly home?  Also, we had to decide within an hour.  And Jeff was boarding his flight in 15 minutes.  I called him.  I was shaking, my heart was pounding, and I was praying “please let him say yes!”  If it’s one thing I’ve learned in our short marriage it’s that we need to agree on major decisions.  And this is more than major.  So, he said “let me walk and pray and I’ll call you back.”  That’s when I began to pray hard.  I asked God to please let me be ok if he said no.  To ease my heart and to trust Him that if these are our girls, He’d prepare the way and work on Jeff’s heart just like mine.  He called back and said, “I wanna say yes.”  And just like that we became the parents of 3 princesses. 

The girls are 6, 22 months, and 5 months.  The girls are as beautiful as you can possibly imagine.  I seriously wish I could post a picture of them.  They are also so much different than boys!!!  I mean, seriously.  Our house turned from the land cars, trucks, and footballs, to the house of pink, barbies, dress-up, and Dora.  All in about a day.  Whoa.  God. Is. Good.

They came on Monday night and it has been going really well.  In fact, way better than we anticipated.  Of course, that’s minus the fact that I had to take the baby to the ER on night #1 (she’s fine).  The oldest is adjusting pretty well.  She is very chatty about EVERYTHING including her history which is hard to listen to but so great that she’s comfortable sharing.  She LOVES music and she will make up songs on the spot.  Umm…perfect for me, the music therapist!   The middle one is doing well, she’s totally a toddler and wants her way all day, is full of little girl drama and hates going to sleep.  The baby is tiny.  She was a preemie and currently only weighs 10 pounds at 5 months.  She is getting better every day and learning to eat more and more.  She was full of smiles and laughs today which totally melted my heart.

Kindergarten is nuts.  They have homework everyday.  Didn’t Kindergarten used to be a half day?  Also, there is some teasing going on at school which really  makes my blood boil.  Wednesday was my first official “I’m going to Sonic and wallowing in fried cheese” day due to the teasing, screaming baby, crazy toddler, and first visit with bio mom.  I have a feeling I’ll have a few of those.  Also, I think it’s just weird to have a kindergartner.  When did I get old enough for that?

This is going to be hard.  Much harder I think than the boys.  Mostly because these girls have been through more, we have the older one, and there are 3!  But, we are doing great so far and appreciate all your prayers and support.  I hope you get to mee them soon!


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