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Christmas control November 29, 2011

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Oh my goodness. It’s our first Christmas with kids!! And there are 3 if them!!!! How did that happen?

So we busted out the Christmas tree and all the ornaments to decorate. Here’s where I’ll confess. I have a huge control idol. I mean HUGE. I like things to be a certain way and don’t even try to change a tradition. Period. Well, the Lord is certainly using kids to break that!! Here’s what I learned while we decorated the tree:

1. It’s ok for 2 ornaments to be on the same branch

2. It’s ok that there are more ornaments on the bottom than the top. I mean we are dealing with shorties!

3. 2 year olds like to take the balls off more than they like putting them on. This will make un-decorating great.

4. Pink, blue, and purple are Christmas colors. Really. They are!

5. Hearing a child say, “this is a beautiful tree. I’ve never had one.” will make you cry.

I love these girls and all they teach me!!!

Oh, not Christmas related, I’ve also learned that it’s ok to let a 6 year old dress herself. Even if it doesn’t match. Sigh…God is chippin’ away at that control!


2 Responses to “Christmas control”

  1. Charis Says:

    #2 used to be true for us, but now we have these tall people in our house. These days, the bottom branches are the ones that aren’t as decorated!

    Love y’all!

  2. Kelly Davis Says:

    Our tree stays bare til the last minute without any kids to bug us:( and yes, I am in tears over the “I never had one.” These kids are very blessed to have you and Jeff. We love all of you.

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