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Christmas Highlights. January 6, 2012

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Oh wow.  It has certainly been a long time since I last posted, but hey.  It was Christmas!  We had a ton of stuff going on!

There are so many things I could post about, but I’m just going to give some higlights:

1. Our first Christmas was kids was so great.  It certainly wasn’t what I expected, but it was perfect.  When I say “not what I expected” I mean that I didn’t really expect my 6 year old to cry for her other mommy on Christmas eve, for the baby to end up with RSV, for us to be staying up late putting together a stinking play kitchen the night before Christmas, or, honestly, for the plane ride to Boston to be quite as successful as it was!  Big thanks to Katie and Evan for all their help on those flights!

2. Both of our families were (and are) complete rock stars with these girls.  We had expressed concerns about how Miss 6 would do with travelling and missing her family over the holidays and our families really stepped up to the plate and made them all feel super comfortable and super loved on.  Miss 6 has not stopped talking about Papa, Nene, Boopa, and Oma since Christmas.  In fact, over the last few (very difficult) days, she’s still talked about missing them.  Seriously, thanks to all of you for loving these girls with all you have and making them feel like a part of the family.

3. While Christmas and all the travels that went with it were a success, Miss 6 has had a hard time since getting back.  She’s really talking about going home to her mom a lot, missing her, and wanting to be with her.  This is HARD.  It’s hard for me to see her so sad, and, selfishly, it’s hard for me to listen to her talk about it.  It’s hard not to take what she says personally and super hard not to just want her to stop.  It’s good for her to talk about it.  It’s healing.  And it shows me she’s comfortable.  It’s GOOD.  But a lot of the time, good also means hard.

Things are going pretty well around here and we really do thank you all for your support and prayers.  Life as a mommy of 3 is crazy, but I’m figuring it out and loving them more each day.  So, here’s to starting a new year!!


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