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Sanctification Socks February 3, 2012

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Socks will one day be the death of me.  Seriously.  My dryer eats them.  I have tons of socks with no matches.  Recently, in an effort to keep up with them, I put a bag in my laundry room to hold socks with no matches as they come out in the wash.  The idea was to put them in there, and then when the match comes out in the next load, I’d match them up and put them away.  Sounds like a great idea, right?  Well, now I just have a bag full of socks.  Like 20 of them.  How is this possible????

Confession: the sock situation in our house got so out of control that my kid went to school in dirty socks yesterday.  I literally pulled them out of the laundry, sprayed them with Febreeze and told her to put them on.  Rock star mom status has never been further away!!!

So, I’m convinced that Jesus is using socks as a little way to sanctify me and make more like Jesus.  I mean, He wouldn’t pitch a fit over socks would He?  When I look at that bag full of socks, instead of anger, I’ll feel love and know that in that moment I’m becoming more like Jesus.  Is it a stretch?  Not for God.  He can use anything to make us think of Him, trust in Him, and in this situation, make us laugh.  Because let’s be honest.  What else can I do?

Am I the only person that has sock issues???


6 Responses to “Sanctification Socks”

  1. Janice Herod Says:

    As you know, I raised three different generations of kids, and no, she sock issue never goes away, in fact, think it may multiple as the years go by and kids get older, and yes, sent kids to school with dirty socks many times.

  2. Deforia Lane Says:

    Oh Cara, you are God’s child in the making! Your entry made me crack up! It is so real and made me think of all of my husband’s sox that I have ‘hidden’ when I cannot find the match after our dryer chews, digests and swallows them. I’m still hoping that he won’t ask about those sox – out of sight out of mind, right? Love that idea of the sox bag! (But it would expose me terribly, and if I hid it I’d probably forget where the heck it was and then I’d really be in trouble!) God can truly use anything, anywhere with anyone! You give me reason to praise Him even more.
    Blessings in abundance, my friend. D. Lane

  3. Amanda Says:

    I think socks should be disposable. Seriously. I throw out diapers. Socks are much more trouble than diapers. Let’s wear them once and throw them out!
    I love your take on it. God can (and does) use every situation to cleanse us!

  4. Jodi Says:

    I am so grateful to know I’m not the only one with sock issues. As for rock star mom status, I don’t think they count off for going with survival socks. I think it’s a “Let [s]he who is without gult cast the first stone sort of thing.

  5. Jeanne Wilbur Says:

    Cara, Laughing and cringing at the same time reading your blog about the girls. Lindsay told me how beautiful the girls were after meeting you guys in Austin recently. I would like to make the girls some “Easter” socks, if you would like… I sent Gracie some socks for her birthday and have made a bunch of these for special little girls. Basically just crotcheted buttons/beads around the cuff of some plain socks. If you think this would be fun for them, and welcome, let me know their sizes (and shoe sizes too, as I’ve found socks are so weirdly sized from brand-to-brand) and any special colors. I have your address, so will get them mailed in time for Easter Sunday. Bless you, Jeff and the girls on your journey as a family.

    • chippinaway Says:

      Thats so sweet of you!! They would love that. Miss 6 wears an 11 shoe so I’ve been getting size 9-10 socks. Miss 2 wears 18-24 month socks and size 5. The baby is in almost a 1 shoe sort of just past newborn. 🙂

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