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I just wanna go home February 22, 2012

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Me: “What’s wrong?”  Miss 6: “I just really wanna go home.”  Me: “I know, sweetie.  I’m sorry.”

My 6 year old is in the midst of trauma.  She doesn’t know who her mommy will be.  She’s not sure where she’s gonna live forever.  She doesn’t know if she’ll ever see her dad again.  She knows words like lawyer, judge, CASA, and case worker.  It’s so awful to see this sweet girl deal with this.  Even though it’s been 4 months since she came into our home, she doesn’t trust me.  And even though it’s been that long, just this past week we had the above conversation.  She finally told me.  She finally trusted me enough to share a deep emotion.  She wants to go home.  I’m so thankful she decided to share that with me.  It says a lot about our relationship.  But it’s also heart breaking.

I can’t help but think that this is another one of God’s pictures that is pointing me to Himself.  You see, we, as Christians, should be longing to go home.  We should be so tired of this broken world that we long for the day that Christ returns and there are no more tears, no more orphans, no more foster care, no more pain, no more suffering.  We are called to live with a heavenly mindset.  Not longing for things of this world like cars, houses, money, marriage, and love of others.  We are meant to long for our real home.  And after spending the last few months with my precious new daughter, I do.  I long for it.  I am angry that this child has to endure so much at such a young age.  I am ready for Jesus to come and reign on His throne and bring us all home!

So, the Lord continues to point me to His perfect Truth and plan, even in the most difficult times.  I wonder what He’s shown you lately that points you to your heavenly home.  Think about it.  You might be surprised.


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