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The 2 Hour Tantrum March 30, 2012

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Yes, friends.  You read that right.  2 hours.  Miss 2 takes the words “strong willed” to the ultimate level these days.  Here’s how it went down.

We have a play room that is gated.  She has to spend 30 minutes in there every morning for independent play time/mommy needs some coffee time.  At the end, she has to clean up her toys to come out.  Sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Nope.  Not for this girl.  She screamed and cried, went through 5 time outs in her room, and generally wore herself out until she finally cleaned up her toys.  It took mommy and daddy both to tell her she had to do it, and even a big sister who just couldn’t understand what was so hard to tell her to just pick up so we could eat dinner.

Now, if I was just looking at this for what it is, I’d be thinking “what the heck.  What is wrong with her?  Why won’t she just clean up?  Am I a terrible parent?  Why can’t I just say to clean up and it happens??”  But, in addition to those thoughts, I’m going to choose to see this as yet another picture God is sending me of His love.

See, we aren’t too far different from my 2 year old.  We run away, pitch fits, and throw things when God lead us to a place we don’t want to be or that isn’t in our plans.  We’ve done that since we were set free from Egypt and we continue to do that today.  But God doesn’t just leave us in our “playroom” all day.  He helps us to clean up, calm down, and trust that what He has for us is best.  Far stretch for interpreting a tantrum?  Maybe.

But seriously, 2 hours??  That has to be a record or something.