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Brave January 24, 2013

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spoiler alert: I talk about what happens in the movie Brave!!


My sweet 7 year old, Marisol, got the movie Brave for Christmas.  I had taken her to see it with a friend in the theater and it was super scary for her in 3D with the whole mother-turning-into-a-bear situation going on there.  But, she got it for Christmas and she really likes it.

We’ve watched it twice now, and both times she’s started to cry when the main character is crying because she misses her mom.  “What’s wrong?” I asked.  “I’m sad because she misses her mom.”

Ya’ll, it’s easy for me to forget that my daughter is grieving.  She’s a part of our family every day.  We treat her like she’s been here forever.  But the hard truth is, she hasn’t.  She’s still new around here and she’s still experiencing very new grief.  I hate that for her.  I wish I could take it away.  But here’s what this teaches me:

1. My daughter misses her mom.  I need to always remember that.

2. Grief comes in many forms.  Tantrums over homework, anger and getting in trouble, and even in movies.  It’s there.

3. My daughter is comfortable enough to tell me, her new mom, that she misses her old mom.  This is progress.  I’m so thankful.

4. My daughter is brave.  So, so brave.

I love this sweet girl.