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4 months March 28, 2013

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My little boy is 4 months old.  How in the world did that happen?  I haven’t even written posts for the first 3 months.  I blame the other 3 kiddos.  ha!

Anyway, check this out month by month:

Davis, you have been a sweet addition to our growing (probably done growing!) family.  I love you sweet guy.  You’ve grown so much and are so strong.  It’s so fun to see your little personality come out each day.  But, it would be nice if you could start taking naps.  =)


One Response to “4 months”

  1. Deforia Lane Says:

    What are you feeding that boy? He’s gorgeous! Such a sweet face! I want to hug him and kiss those sweet cheeks. His eyes are mesmerizing. Love that little chalk board. Can’t wait for the next edition of a day in the life of Davis. Love ya,

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