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4 years and 4 kids later… June 27, 2013

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Today is me and Jeff’s 4th anniversary.  In some ways, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already.  But mostly, I feel like it should be way more than that!  Not in a bad way, of course, but it kind of seems a life time ago that I walked down the aisle to the most wonderful man God could have ever picked for me.  But, maybe that’s because in those 4 years we have moved across the country, graduated from graduate school, bought a house, became temporary parents to 2 boys, forever family for 3 girls, and birthed 1 sweet, sweet little boy.  That’s 6 different kids in case anyone is counting.  I’d say the last 4 years have been more of an adventure than either of us anticipated on that day.  But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jeff Griswold, I never knew it was possible to love you more than I did 4 years ago.  But, here I am, blown away by the love I have for you.  You are an amazing husband and father.  You are dedicated and committed to learning your role as husband and father, and I admire you so much for how much you’ve grown in both.  You let me dream and plan and be a bit spontaneous and crazy all while grounding me when I need it, being a steady leader and loving me through some of the hardest moments of my life.  You have stood firm at my side, guiding me, loving me, listening, gently rebuking, and loving me better than anyone else could.  I am so thankful for you.

Jeff, the last year has by far been the hardest.  We’ve gone from 0-4 children and with 3 of those kids being from a difficult past, it’s no wonder we are stretched so thin.  I am so thankful that you are walking this crazy path with me.  I’m certain I’d be in the nut house by now if it weren’t for you.  You’ve loved me so well through all of the crazy.  I love you, J.D. Griswold.  I am super excited to see what the next 4 years will bring……but, let’s be honest.  I’m kind of thinking less crazy would be nice.

Happy anniversary sweet husband!!



what will my kids remember? June 14, 2013

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Do you remember what your mom served you for breakfast when you were little?  Do you remember if she hand-made all the decorations for your 1st birthday or just went to McDonalds because it was easier?  Do you remember how many times a week she cooked a home-made meal and how many times she heated up something in the microwave?

Some of us probably remember some of the details, but I think most us probably remember the time we spent with our mom.  That’s what I remember most.  I remember that my mom worked the night shift and would still somehow stay awake long enough to drive me to school sometimes.  I remember that my mom made it to every band concert and football game (which was really a marching band show….seriously).  I remember that she let me have sleep overs and help her bake cookies at Christmas time.  I remember trips to Sonic, which for some reason were the magical trips that made my teenage self actually start talking to my mom about what was going on in my life.  I remember her dancing and laughing (and snorting) with my friends, who thought she was the coolest, even though I was mortified.  I remember worshipping Jesus next to mom on Sunday mornings.  I remember hearing her sing praises all day long as she worked so tirelessly to provide for our family and keep the home a safe, loving environment.

I don’t remember how often the house was clean.  I don’t remember my first birthday party.  I don’t remember the lunches she packed for me for school (because we bought our lunch at that was ok!).  I don’t remember my mom trying to be someone she wasn’t.

See, I have this problem with comparing myself to other moms.  I find myself believing that if I am not the crafty mom, the homeschooling mom, the mom that wears make-up and high heels every day, then I’m not a good mom.  I read a blog recently talking about this exact same thing.  We moms somehow believe that if we aren’t like the other moms then we aren’t doing it right.

I am not doing my kids any favors by trying to be someone that I’m not.  What I want to do is have my kids remember me as a mom who followed Jesus, taught them to follow Jesus, and had as much fun as I could along the way.  There will be days of success and days of failure.  None of us are the perfect mom.  But, I hope that when my kids are 30 (ack! I’m almost 30!) they will remember me being a mom who loved her kids and did the chores when there was time.