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Happy 1 year Davis! November 25, 2013

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Guys.  I can’t believe my baby boy is one.  Where in the world did the last year go???  Oh, how I wish I was the scrapbooking, baby book keeping, organized mom right now.  Looking back, I realize I haven’t posted about Davis since 4 months.  Y’all, that’s me.  I just can’t keep up with that stuff.  So, here is a catch up.  Little D from the last 8 months!

IMG_2075 IMG_2254 IMG_2369 IMG_2627 IMG_0112 IMG_0349 IMG_0639 IMG_1023



Sweet Davis, you may be a super tiny guy (3% weight, 15% height), but you are a mighty addition to this family.  You’ve been a source of bonding and joy for me and daddy and your sisters.  You are so smart with 18 words already at one year old!  You’ve devoted your brain power to talking instead of growing it seems!  But, I know that the Lord has great plans for you.  You are a silly, joyful, opinionated, loving little boy and I can’t wait to see how you grow over the next year!


Give Away! November 1, 2013

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Hey y’all!  So, the holidays are in full swing and I just know you need to do some Christmas shopping!  My friend, Jamie, over at Dreaming Big Dreams is posting daily about some great places to shop that will make a difference in someone’s life and/or support a small business.  Let’s try and shop smart this year!

Her first give away is for a great easy shop called Ink Of Me.  Go to Jamie’s blog and read all about this great shop and enter to win!