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It’s a boy! February 12, 2016

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Did I get your attention?  Then, keep reading!

I’ve been thinking about dusting off the blog for several months now.  It’s been over a YEAR since I posted here and, well, life has been busy and this has taken a back seat to everything.  But, I think I have the perfect reason to begin posting again….we have a baby!

About a month ago we found out that the biological mother of our three precious girls was having a baby.  CPS called us and asked us if we would be willing to take him into or home since we have his sisters.  Without much hesitation we said “yes” and find ourselves, once again, in the world of foster care.  Today, baby boy is 3 weeks old, and we’ve had him about as long.

I won’t be writing much about his story, his mom and dad, or the circumstances that brought him into our home, but I will be documenting our journey and the many feelings and lessons that are learned from being a foster parent again.

So, friends, I am a mother of 5!  Let the crazy begin! (or continue….)


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