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about me January 13, 2011

My name is Cara Griswold.  I am a wife, a mother of 4 (3 adopted, 1 biological), a music therapist, and a believer of Jesus Christ.  I buy a new toothbrush for every trip because traveling with wet toothbrushes grosses me out.  I don’t like hot fruit.  Even in pies.  I have the best husband in the world.  He cooks, sews, rides a Harley, plays the guitar, love the Lord, and loves me more than I deserve.  I am passionate about orphan care and believe that God has called his people to be the solution to the orphan crisis.  163 million orphans in this world makes me sick.  I believe the Lord is powerful and will move and is moving his people to solve this problem!  I live in Austin, TX and am so happy to be back close to family.  I have 2 crazy dogs.  The Lord continues to bless me greatly and I can’t wait to see what is in store.


3 Responses to “about me”

  1. maria Says:

    Cara you are amazing… I am so proud of you ” my sister!” Thank you for sharing your stories. It inspires so many of us, especially me!

  2. Amy Haffey Says:

    Hey Cara,
    I love reading blogs and glad you made one! Happy Belated New Year!

  3. Deforia Lane Says:

    It is clear that the Lord is real to you, in you and working through you. Your words show God’s love, that His ways are sometimes confusing and not our ways, and that His faithfulness is sure. In your stories I see His hand. Just as you watched the boys take steps toward you out of their little worlds and into yours, learn to trust you, obey you, accept you, love you, I see this experience being mirrored in your lives with the Lord. You too are drawing closer to Him, learning to trust, letting go and loving Him. He can accomplish His goal of conforming you to be more like Him through experiences like these. I too will look with anticipation and enthusiasm to what God holds for you and Jeff in the future. He is preparing your hearts for kingdom service.
    D. Lane

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