Chippin' Away

Moving one day, one minute, one step at a time.

What is Chippin’ Away? January 11, 2011

The name “chippin’ away” comes from something my sweet husband is always saying to me.  In case you didn’t know, I have a tendency to be anxious.  It’s nasty and dirty and I hate it.  I have a strong control idol and I always want to know what’s going to happen ahead of time, become overwhelmed when things aren’t lining up, and tend to just shut down.  The thing is, we are not even promised tomorrow.  We are instructed to “not be anxious about tomorrow” and we are told that “tomorrow will worry about itself.”  When Jeff says, “hey.  Just chip away.” it reminds me to take things one step at time.  One task at a time.  Even one minute at a time.

This phrase also makes me think of how we are constantly being shaped and molded to be more like Jesus.  We are being sanctified, day by day, chipping off flesh and replacing it with spirit.  This is certainly not an immediate transformation.  But, in God’s wonderful and perfect timing and plan, with the help of the holy spirit, and thanks to the blood of Christ, we are continually being made more and more like our Savior.  Breathtaking.  Simply breathtaking.

My mom used to sing this song to me, which I think is a perfect fit:

He’s still working on me, to make me what I ought to be.  It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.  How loving and patient He must be, ’cause He’s still working on me.

So, chip away and continue to be chipped away!


2 Responses to “What is Chippin’ Away?”

  1. Kelly Davis Says:

    Amen sweet daughter! I love you and Jeff!

  2. Deforia Lane Says:

    Me too, Cara!

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